9 ideas for a table in red

9 ideas for a table in red

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To launch an evening theme and create a unique atmosphere, nothing like color. Red can thus define the dress code of the guests, influence the composition of the menu and give a color code to the decoration of the table. Whether it's an outdoor party, a buffet or a dinner, take inspiration from these tips to create a unique and magical setting.

Embroidered towels

Basic white cotton napkins take on a festive air if you embroider a few chosen words. Dolce vita, bon appétit and other red ciao bella will make your guests smile and set the tone for dinner.

A vitamin starter

Triangles cut from a fresh watermelon form a simple and beautifully presented entry. Stuck on sticks, they are fun like sorbets and even easier to eat!

A carpet of flowers

Sowing paper flowers is a simple way to enhance a white tablecloth. Cut a few circles out of red paper, cut them out and form the petals by gluing the two edges of the cut one on top of the other. Arrange the elements obtained harmoniously by 5 and fix everything with a Parisian tie that will form the heart of the flower. Mix different sizes or shades of paper for a more sophisticated result.

Inexpensive paper accessories

No need for a big budget to create a colorful decor! Between ephemeral natural elements, small elements and paper accessories unearthed in bazaars (Hema, Tiger), it's easy to stay in the theme of the evening. Think of garlands and place mats to raise the tone and unify the atmosphere.

A gazpacho full of pep

Nothing like coloring the table like large glasses of tomato-watermelon gazpacho. Spiced with Espelette pepper, fresh garlic and ground pepper, it's perfect as a starter or to freshen up between two well-garnished dishes!

Homemade pennants

To stay in tune, serve appetizers or olives with custom wooden picks with a little masking tape. Vary the patterns and cutouts to form flags and banners in the colors of your menu.

A seedling that does not lack spice!

Red peppers are often sold in large quantities, but their very strong taste means that only a part is often used. Why not recycle the excess as a decorative accessory? By dotting the table with these shiny red jewels, you bring a sophisticated touch to a natural wood background.

A red fruit pavlova

The pavlova is both spectacular and easy to make! A beautiful meringue, a few whipped cream and red berries form an elegant dessert which no one will suspect has only taken you a few minutes to make.

Ephemeral decor

Fresh flowers allow all fantasies. In a carmine or leafy bouquet on the table, carnations will bring poetry and Japanese delicacy to the slightest cup of tea.