8 functions with the famous wooden pallet

8 functions with the famous wooden pallet

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Ah the wooden palette! All lovers of recycled decor are struggling to recover one and divert it into everyday object or furniture. And we understand why ! In two stages, three movements, the wooden pallet folds in 4 and can be improvised as a garden furniture, library, headboard, desk organizer and many more… Discover 8 ways to adopt the wooden pallet in its interior.

1. A box spring

If the wooden pallet is all the rage in our interiors, it is because it saves considerable money! The box spring is the proof. Because rather than buying one in store, the wooden pallet can do the trick. Collect several, process them, attach them to each other, add the mattress and you're with a brand new bed!

2. A bench

Whether you see many at home or you like to receive, additional seating is always welcome! And once again, the wooden pallet is very useful. You can stack several to gain height and create a folder. All the madness is possible but don't forget the final touch: the soft cushions for comfort!

3. A green wall

A green wall as easy to make as economical, that tells you? Thanks to its different shelves, the wooden pallet proves to be the ideal support for creating a wall plant decoration! Choose flower pots with wall hooks or hang your pots with rope. A creation that we imagine indoors and outdoors and with aromatic plants for the kitchen!

4. A headboard

Placed against the wall behind the bed, the wooden palette turns into an original headboard. The advantage? It can be easily customized with paint and masking tape and is easily decorated with a few photos, quotes and sweet words, plants or a light garland!

5. A garden furniture

In the same way as for the bench, the wooden pallet can serve as a garden furniture. We like the idea of ​​drawers made to the dimensions of the niches. But whether it is with or without a drawer, with or without a backrest, with or without armrests, it's up to you! The wooden pallet makes it easy to custom-made, so take advantage!

6. Towel rack

It's silly but you had to think about it! The wooden pallet simply turns into a towel rack when it is placed horizontally. Placed on the floor or fixed to the wall, the different floors of the palette welcome shower towels in the bathroom, tea towels in the kitchen or even scarves and scarves in a bedroom!

7. A library

Although they are small, the wooden pallet has significant storage spaces. Leaning against the wall, it gives the possibility of storing all kinds of books and thus becomes a library. Add plants for the decorative touch and voila!

8. A desk organizer

If the wooden palette is the favorite object of all DIY lovers, it is because it is infinitely available. Once again, she shows us her decorative potential by becoming an office organizer. Books and notebooks, hanging pencil pots, flower pots, post-it… All office accessories will find their place!