5 activities to do with children in the countryside

5 activities to do with children in the countryside

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In the countryside, children take advantage of the holidays to listen to nature and clear their heads using their ten fingers. To stimulate their imagination and share with them great moments of bonding, here are 5 activities to do as a family with young and old. Good holidays !

Holidays in the countryside: making surprise eggs in ice with the children

"Notice to small paleontologists! Eggs have been found in the garden, and we will have to free the fossilized animals that are inside! To do this, take small pieces of wood or spoons and try by all means to find the baby dinosaur trapped in the ice! " To organize this activity with children of all ages, simply fill balloons with water, put a small plastic toy in it and leave them overnight in the freezer. The next day, cut out the balloons to obtain beautiful ice eggs that will keep your children occupied while refreshing them! The tutorial here!

Ice eggs to dig to free the toys!

Create princess dresses from poppies

We love the idea of ​​this blogger who proposed to his daughters to stick poppy corollas on their princess designs to make them frilly dresses… Obviously, these mini-works are ephemeral, but nothing prevents you from trying with other flowers, and even with dried flowers. The tutorial is here, but the idea is very simple: paper, pencils, flowers and a dot of glue ... It's up to you!

A poetic idea that we love!

A giant fresco on a shower curtain

On the grass in the garden or in a corner of the living room on a rainy day, a white shower curtain turns into a huge canvas, on which children can draw using erasable markers. Sitting or lying down, alone or with others, the kids will give themselves to their heart to cover the canvas with colorful patterns. And once the holidays are over, hop, we pass the shower curtain underwater with a little soap, and here it is again all white!

Long hours of coloring in perspective!

A "natural" treasure hunt

To occupy your children intelligently, prepare a treasure hunt in the garden! In an egg box (ideally 12 eggs for the bravest), put a label at the bottom of each hole that corresponds either to a color or to an item to find. Depending on the child's age, you can for example put either red, blue, yellow, green, purple and orange stickers, or photos of items to find that you have printed or drawn (flowers, wood, leaf, pebbles, feathers ...), or write the word in full if the children can read. The game then consists of looking for the elements and placing them in the corresponding holes. And the first one who filled his box won!

An activity to offer also during a long walk…

A funny scarecrow

If it has almost disappeared from our countryside, the scarecrow remains a character that fascinates children. What if you make one as a family to decorate the garden? To do this, start by bringing together all the objects that you can easily recycle: an old broom, pan lids, scratched CDs, tin cans, plastic gloves ... If some of your children's clothes are too small and damaged, don't hesitate to give them a second life by dressing your scarecrow with it. Then build a structure with the broom handle for the body and pieces of wood for the arms, and let your imagination run wild! This family activity, which requires imagination, can take several days until your work is finished. The scarecrow is a bit of a summer snowman!

What if this summer, we made a scarecrow with the family?


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