Mesh effect for a light decor

Mesh effect for a light decor

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Trend in country houses for ages, the fence has taken a new turn to adapt to our contemporary interiors. Used both to create pieces of furniture and decorative accessories, it comes in different forms and is dressed in colors, sometimes surprising. A glance at this light and airy material which can be found both on the shelves of major brands and in designers' workshops.

Light shelves

We love them, I would even say more, we love these wire shelves. Left in their raw appearance or slightly golden, it is their aged, patinated aesthetic that makes them coveted pieces of charm. Perfect for cooking, we like to display the most beautiful cups in our collection, hang the dried herbs or even store the fruit in a pantry. Also, don't be afraid to adopt them in the hallway or bathroom. There is no doubt that you will find a little (and pretty) something to store there.

© Le Repère des Belettes / Madam Stoltz

Mesh collage frame

We see them everywhere, but all the same, the wire mesh pellets, we never get tired! Installed above a desk, they play the practicality card to welcome current projects, inspirations and become pretty moodboards. In an entrance hall, they welcome the postcards that we receive from friends, the sunglasses (it would be a shame to forget them again this morning), the keys and the small lists of take-out shopping. Finally, in the living room or in a bedroom, you hang holiday memories, family photos or even sweet little words that always please those who receive them.

© Maisons du Monde / Delamaison

Copper wire mesh

It has been found for several seasons, and it seems that copper has still not said its last word. Besides, in a screened version, it is really the most beautiful effect, don't you agree? If it makes us look good in pell-mell mode, the result is just as neat when it takes the form of a small storage unit that we slide everywhere. Copper wire trend, it's a big yes!

© Urban Outfitters

Artist wire mesh

Halfway between contemporary sculpture and decorative object, the 3D wire mesh creations of Benedetta Mori Ubaldini seem to come to life. This Milanese artist, whose work is closely linked to the imagination of fairy tales, works with multiple materials. But it is especially for her work with the wire mesh that she is recognized. Shaped by hand, twisted, assembled, gradually wound, the elements to which it gives shape acquire an appearance of continuity. Clouds, birds, fish, rabbits or even houses, these surprising and light decorations seem to float in space once installed.

© Benedetta Mori Ubaldini

Mesh furniture

Bet on mesh furniture, especially when they are large, is to ensure a less busy atmosphere in the room in which we decide to install them. We can also turn to fully openwork models (industrial locker, practical for storing the small daily bazaar) than to cabinets that have opted for the mesh effect only for their doors. These take advantage of the slightly hidden window, and the result can be very neat, it all depends on what you slip into it. It's your turn !

© Tikamoon

Wire mesh for magazine racks

Practical, decorative, essential? The magazine rack is a nomadic accessory that has long found its place in our interiors. Whether it is wall-mounted, free-standing or free-standing, it helps us put our magazines and ideas in order. Obviously, he did not escape the wire mesh trend either. And it is in metallic color or painted black and in a contemporary design that it is most often represented.


Design mesh

Wire mesh is a highly decorative material, and designers of yesterday and today understand this well! Harry Bertoia, in the 50s and 60s, made it his specialty by giving birth to his famous chairs and its Diamond armchair, the entire seating structure of which has this mesh aspect. In total phase with current trends, these pieces, which are over sixty years old, are still produced by Knoll. More recently, it is Mathieu Challières who appropriated this material to manufacture his lighting. Poetic and elegant, its lampshades in copper-colored wires, in which colorful birds have found refuge, prove once again that chicken wire has a bright future ahead of it.

© Knoll / Mathieu Challieres