The madness of the Acapulco armchair

The madness of the Acapulco armchair

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Retro, design, robust, solar, colorful, comfortable ... We almost miss adjectives to describe as it should be the cult seat of the 50s. Of Mexican origin, this mythical armchair continues to mark the spirits and the decoration of our exteriors.

The history of the Acapulco armchair

The Acapulco armchair was born in the 1950s, on the other side of the Atlantic, in a Mexican seaside town that bears his name. At the time, all the gratin of Mexican and American stars were there. It was a small local craftsman who invented it by combining a steel structure and colored plastic ropes that encompassed the body. If he had known that his armchair would become a great classic in Mexican design!

Ultra-design, the Acapulco armchair has not aged over the years!

A mythical seat reissued for the summer

After a few years of glory, the Acapulco armchair quickly fell into oblivion… Until today, where many houses are republishing it. It is now a must for outdoor decoration. Its main publisher? Boqa, which shapes it in its original dimensions, in an artisanal and 100% French way. But other major brands have embarked on reissue, and at very affordable prices. So look at La Chaise Longue, La Redoute, Maisons du Monde or dé by clicking here. All offer models of different sizes (adults and children) and in various colors. Voga also offers a rocking version for extended naps.

Indoors and outdoors, the Acapulco armchair is… unbeatable!

Acapulco, the sunbathing chair

With its retro and design allure, its recognizable silhouette at a glance, its acidulous colors, the Acapulco armchair is a real call to idleness. In the garden, in a patio, on a terrace, on a balcony, in a hotel ... And even in the living room because it fits both outside and inside. Heat resistant, robust and comfortable, it is now a must-have parade with traditional garden furniture and ideal for long sunbathing. Choose solid, two-color, or even multi-color, but opt ​​for bright colors to vary the pleasures while remaining faithful to the Mexican atmosphere. Tip: when choosing your Acapulco armchair for the summer, make sure it is treated well against UV rays so that its color does not fade.

The Boqa brand declines Acapulco armchairs into lounge chairs, tables and lamps!


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